We Consult Then Build Tactical Automation Systems

Understand the Dangers and Opportunities that AI Poses. Then, Build Software & Hardware Robots.

There's no question that technology is distrupting or at least impacting every industry and every job. The question is how will you lead your enterprise to defend against it's dangers and capitalize on AI's opportunities?

From furniture, appliances, and blue jeans that talk to each other to algorithms that can day trade better than you and anticipate heart attacks better than doctors, everything seems up for grabs. What you took for granted and unchangable is now just a variable in the equation of Artificial Intelligence.

What do you? What are your objectives? What are your current challenges and bottlenecks? Talk to us. Let's see how we can use AI to give you an unfair advantage: Contact.


AI Can Bluff


AI Can Play


AI Can Drive


Anticipate & Preact

The tidal wave of technological change is unavoidable. So it's not reventable. The smarter tactic is to anticipate and preact instead of react.

Integrate AI Now

While AI is at its infancy now, even the most simple AI software can out perform humans. Let's talk about what functions and tasks in your organization can be automated immediately.

Long Range AI Development

It's now obvious that short term solutions to defend against disruption are too temporary. Let's discuss building an Enterprise AI Department for your organization.